Can’t draw my eyebrows well… My eyebrows are thin… The old shape remains…
 At Ashiya Decollte Clinic, each Artmake is performed by medical professionals who undergone thorough training under the supervision of a doctor.
 Based on our multiple achievements, please experience our medical Artmake that starts with a sketch, and finishes in a natural look and beautiful eyebrows.


Decollte Artmake Safety Reasons

about our technique

 The popular strokes that the practitioner draws carefully individually will have a natural look result, as if your own hair has increased.  In addition to the standard gradation that draws the shape of the eyebrows firmly to create a base, we will perform a powder gradation that uses a machine for a soft finish according to each person’s features and likeness.

※Since it depends on each person’s skin type and lifestyle, such as color development and retention, it is said that it is ideal to finish artmake with 2 to 3 treatments.

Types of permanent makeup techniques


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flow of treatment on the day


Price List
Eyebrow Art   1st Time, 2nd Time  ¥49,500/Each Time
3rd Time visits within 1year from the 1st Time   ¥38,500
4th Time~ visits within 1½years   ¥38,500/Each Time
Eyeline  (Top) 1st Time, 2nd Time  ¥44,000/Each Time
3rd Time visits within 1year from the 1st Time   ¥33,000
4th Time~ visits within 1½years   ¥33,000/Each Time
Eyeline  (Bottom) 1st Time, 2nd Time  ¥33,000/Each Time
3rd Time visits within 1year from the 1st Time   ¥22,000
4th Time~ visits within 1½years   ¥22,000/Each Time
※All prices included tax

※If a person in charge is requested, a separate fee of ¥5,000 will be charged.
※It is recommended that you undergo the treatment 2-3 times to complete the ideal eyebrows.
※Please note that you cannot receive treatment during pregnancy.

About AFTER the Treatment

After artmake procedure (eyebrows / hairline), please note the following points and ask for aftercare at home.

●For about 5 days after the treatment, please apply the cream you will receive in the morning and evening, and be careful not to let it dry. (The pigment may not settle due to drying.)
●Makeup is possible from the next day, but it is recommended to avoid it for 3 days.
● Be careful not to get your eyebrows wet for about 5 days when showering or shampooing.
● If you have any concerns, apply Vaseline or cream to repel water.
● Avoid swimming, sauna, and extreme exercise for about 5 days.
● For the second time procedure, we will usually inform you after 2 to 3 months.

We will explain the points to note when you visit the clinic. We ask that you bring back the maintenance method document, so please keep your promise for your ideal artmake.

About the PAIN

We will apply an anesthetic cream before the procedure. The pain you worry about is reduced, and you can receive it with peace of mind unique to medical institutions. (For those who are prone to pain, please be assured that we will add anesthesia as needed.)

Sanitation Management

The needles, pigments (colors) used, and gloves that come into contact with the skin are all disposable. We use a new one before each treatment.
In addition, please be assured that we thoroughly manage the hygiene of all parts that patients touch, such as chairs and beds, including alcohol disinfection of machines and hands.

Those who are unable to receive treatment for artmake

・ If there is a wound or skin disease on the treatment area
・ If you are pregnant